Lets talk about Passive Income

Many of you might heard it before. Passive Income. this term has been in my ears ever since I was a kid. 30 years ago. what? surprised that I'm THAT old? ROTFL belive me. I'm older than 30. My face looks younger than supposed to be tho. hahaha

Okay enough with the narcism (who's starting the topic anyway...?). Basically, what we have been told about Passive Income was something like when you throw away...err...lets change that.....ah I know,  You "deposit" a sum of your money, we called it capital. and then it grows by itself. without you touch it. and its suddenly grow. and then you rich! (yea...right) the term has been used by many of my parent's colleagues even some of mine whom joining MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or even the notorious Ponzi scheme to gain follower. lure you in with sweet words, Promised you a bright future, and then poof!, your money gone. or at the best case, it returns after awhile with not even close result to what you have been expecting. SO I would say that what they have been referring to is NOT a passive income. Its a just form of risky investment, or simply scam. and within investment, there is a risk. 

Whew, that's a long introduction ain't it? 

So here's the catch. What I believe about passive income is when you do something, your usual daily life. normally. but you gain something (money) from it. no deposit, no payment in front involved. did I get your attention?

What I have been doing these day is by registered myself to HoneyGain

Yup, I can see your face even though I didn't see you. You must be thinking like, "oh, this guy now turns from a small time game guide writer into some kind of salesman?" lol 😂😂

Yes, and No. I still writes a game guide as a side job, its like a hobby, and when I'm doing something fun, or even better, profitable. Its natural for me to share it as well right? IMHO it works the same with writing an article / guide about the game you like.

So then, install the HoneyGain apps in my phone, my wife's, My broken phone (yes! you can. as long as you can install something, and your phone is able to catch wifi signal, you're good to go), and finally my PC. its been a week or so, and It looks quite promising. note that these devices did not always active for 24 hours straight.

Not bad huh? Its 1.84$ per week of doing nothing. Just install the application into your device, connected to wifi and done. leave it alone. For some of you might think this is just a chump change, but considering its almost zero effort to gain this amount, I stand strong that it is still a good deal. 

So how exactly this is works?

HoneyGain will be using your Internet Traffic to access the web from your location. This way, thei client companies and organizations view the Internet as it is seen by real people – without any location-based restrictions or censorship.  Essentially to view how's the market condition, what's really popular, How effective is their marketing strategy, etc. You can find out more here 

Is it secure? Any drops on Internet speed?

What I writes about how secure HoneyGain is only a copy from its website. Honeygain will never do anything behind its users’ backs. The app starts working when you allow it to start and stops all activity when you want it to. If you worried about how far the application will invade your privacy, see the below pict for screenshot of apps details and permission required.

Just compare it with what F*cebook asks from you for using its apps.

So if any of you are now worried about privacy breach from HoneyGain, man...honestly, your worried is misplaced. and HoneyGain  will not be the one whom spreading your personal data behind your back.

With regards to Internet speed, I have monthly plan with my local ISP with 20 Mbps speed (its leagues smaller than other countries, but here in my place its average). I was downloading Tom Clancy's Division, the PTS, and Wildlands around the start of my venture with HoneyGain (Steam Autumn sales wohooo!). My wife is a pre-school teacher and she's working from home, using Zoom Meeting for teaching and teacher's meeting from 8 AM to 4 PM. My kids also using the internet for online schooling, and watching YouTube shows.  During her free time, My wife often watching a drama shows in Youtube and other platform, while me myself during off work, using PC for gaming (The division require stable internet connection during gameplay), sometimes playing android games on Bluestack, watching anime etc. 

All those just happen without any stuttering or whatsoever on internet speed. HoneyGain  runs all the time, and we did not even feel it exists (not until we open the dashboard and see how it progressed). So if with such average to low internet speed, you gain this much, imagine how much you can get with faster internet and more device?

Then lets assume you're still with me and starting to agree with what I'm doing right now, here's step by step instruction in how to start gaining your passive income with HoneyGain.

Lets start by installing the application by using this link HoneyGain. Yea, "these" links  HoneyGain I have been popped up many times 😂

Hey, I'm being honest here. By using this link / my referral, you will get 5$ straight into your account after finishes your registration. But if you're suspicious, and want to download on your own, by all means here's the link Download Honeygain for your OS | Honeygain. I'm here just to write you guys a guide about something resourceful. If you gain something from it, its my happiness too. 

Register, install and you're good to go.

Now, lets assume you're started to using HoneyGain. Here's some tips / rules for you to be aware of. These are shown in HoneyGain website FAQ but I assume you guys are too lazy to read it all anyway 😆

  • You can use up to 10 Devices per account - BUT only 2 devices can be connected into 1 wifi network.
  • iPhone user need to keep HoneyGain app in the foreground at all time, and not to minimized it by pressing home button or it wont gaining any data (it wont work if app working in the background). It is really unfortunate.
  • Android user can run the app in the background just fine but DO NOT Force closed it by using the free memory button. (boost app and such)
  • If you love your mobile data package, turn off the permission of using it. Mobile data tends to be limited in amount, well lets be honest, if you have tons of internet package plan at home (some of us may have unlimited plan), we will choose the smallest, cheapest mobile data existed 😂 HoneyGain will drain it fast so lets just leave the tiny mobile data for instant messenger and gaming uses shall we. 
  • Although when using my link / referral (HoneyGain) you will get 5$ instantly, you cannot draw it until you get a minimum of 20$
  • You get 1 credit for every 10mb shared, and 1,000 credits = 1$
  • You have a chance to open honeypot once a day (just get into dashboard everyday and you will see the offer), which will give you free credits when opened. My best scores is 20 credits, while my wife got 100 just yesterday. so unfair 😓
  • When you reached 20$, you have the option to cashing out either to PayPal or Bitcoin. I would rather choose Paypal. I'm not against Bitcoin here since I'm into crypto as well. its just that, transfer process may a little bit complicated by this option. I will share my experience later once I reached suitable amount for withdrawal. 
  • There is no specific restriction about whether or not you can use emulators or VPN for HoneyGain, but having said that the dev team does not recommend using VPN or emulators. The main issue behind this is simple - in case the user setup is flawed, the fraud - prevention algorithms will be triggered, which may get your HoneyGain account banned. so use it at your own risk. 
Well I think that's all. Drop a comment if you wants to asks anything and I will try my best to reply ASAP. otherwise, I'm planning to put a video explaining the same but I cant give you exact date of when it will happens. Its almost new year, and works will be busy. stay healthy everyone.

Thanks for Reading.



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