Final Gear Beginner Guide

Final Gear is a new mechs based mobile game recently releasing their English version for Android / iOS platform. The story revolves around mercenary group called "Blackark" that consists of cute girls troop commanded by handsome, charismatic, and strong leader (that's us btw, oh and beautiful if you're a girl lol. sorry 😂). Blackark (I thinks its supposed to be Black ark) is a famous mercenary band with ruthless and talented member, but somewhat wasted at the beginning of the game. Your mission is to return Blackark to its former glory and expand your hare...err...manpower as well as its armaments.

These are some of an early tips available at the beginning of the game. I will prepare in depth guide soon to follow.

1. Only do Gacha / Special recruitment if you have enough crystal until reaching pity pulls.

Pity Pulls (Guaranteed recruitment) will be available after the 8th multi pulls. 1 multi pulls will cost you 1,500 crystals so you will need 12k crystals to reach pity. AND you actually need an additional 3k crystal to get all custom mech parts for the respective pilot. so personally I recommend to have more than 15k crystal before decided to draw on a special recruitment. 

Well, maybe not all the time you will have to reach pity pulls. Its entirely depending on your luck. But since the pulls sequence is not carried over to the next banner, isn't it sad when you have spent many crystals but didn't get the pilot you wanted and those are simply waste away?

I am not really have a good luck on gacha so I rely more on pity pulls. Choose wisely which pilot you want to draw and avoid splurging on every banner you come across. Remember, the game is still young. my friend whom playing the non English version released earlier had mention that the game did collab with other "mech franchise". so if you're not careful, you might be in situation of having less crystal while collab event is ongoing. at least always keep around 15-30k crystal available before you playing around with random recruitment banner.

2. Invest your crystal to open all 4 standard pilot recruitment slots

the first 2 slots will be available by default and you need to pay 200 crystal for the 3rd and 500 crystal for the last slot. While the SSR rates is questionable (I still got Nova from this method of recruitment tho), the SR & R rates is still quite high. 

You will need many dupes to raise pilot grades (star rating) and later for talent modifier, so free method to obtain more pilots will always be welcomed.

3. DO NOT bother to pay more crystals for more slot in the Research Lab.

In contradiction to pilot recruitment slots, I would not recommend you to open more slot in the parts research section. The reason is because most parts you can get from research are pretty much the same with the one you got from normal bounty mission. 

Of course you can get "parts that cannot be obtained from mission" if you select to develop part from normal research lab, but power wise, its ended up pretty much similar or most of time-worse in comparison to what you got from mission. not to mention, you need to PAY with gold and standard bits for every parts developed. Why do you have to pay to obtain the same part you can get for FREE from mission? You need to be aware though that custom parts indeed can be obtained from the special Research Lab, but the chance is too low, it doesn't even worth it. Better save your resources when stage to farm the respective parts is available or aim for those parts when they are available along with the pilots in the special recruitment. 

another option is by redeem the parts in the recruitment section, but parts and its RK level available are completely random. 

Please be aware that the special parts currency required for this purchase are very rare. normally they normally available as daily mission and daily check-in rewards. they usually obtainable from achievement and event rewards but in a very limited amount. so consider your purchase very carefully. The merchandise reset every 24 hours. You can reset it early by paying a sum of crystals, of course 😎

4. Slowest special mission is the best

Maybe you think fastest mission is the best in the long run, faster money, faster rewards but I personally disagree. Slowest mission may took around 5-5.5 hours to complete. but it nets you more pilot exp, more gold, and the best part is the gift rewards. You can get the SSR grade gift which will boost pilot fondness fast. Higher bonds, more rewards. its like killing to birds with a bazooka.

5. Raise only maximum of 8 elites of pilots

I have to remind you that this is a beginner tips. vets, please get back to your seat. As your mercenary level goes up, pilot level can increased further and so, exp point needed will be spiking up. don't be surprised if you will run out of exp increasing item very quick once you pilot reach 40+

So far, the maps only allow you to have 2 teams in the same map so why do you need to raise more than 8 pilots anyway? Not to mention that custom mecha is not really available for all pilot yet, so in my opinion, you need to focus on a pilot that already have their custom mech available. Isn't  it better to just focus on those 8 personnel and have them carry the others once they achieve godhood? Once your main team fully equipped and buffed, then you start raising more pilot as many as you want.

6. Team Composition

Okay this is tough.  First thing first, in Final Gear, we have  Striker, Defender, Shooter, Demolisher, Sniper, and Bomber

Striker is an old school melee specialist with high DPS and attack speed. 

Defender while also tank, some of them also have healing skills so rather thank traditional tank, I would call them priest or maybe a paladin class. I need to do more research on this class though. since I noticed some of them using sword / pole and shield, while others using heavy weapon/Greatsword.

Shooter is a gunner with high fire rates but lower damage. 

Demolisher is the opposite of a gunner. they have slower attack speed with AOE attack. a bit of stronger attack too.

Sniper is a long range single shooter (some of the sniper rifles have more ammo so sniper can shot 3-4 times in succession). lower to slow fire rates but their attack can pierce/ penetrate the enemies.

 Bomber is a bomb thrower. They stay in the back line and throw bomb to the enemies with AOE damage. unlike demolisher that shoot vertically, bomber shoot on lob fashion, so their attack will mostly attacking back row of the enemies.

Team composition rather not based on pilot class but what they are capable of. my favorite composition is 2 shooters, and 2 strikers. why? because this 2 class attack and move faster. enabling them to do hit and run, and even encircling bosses from behind to scratching their behind like no tomorrow. I am not really using support or healer type in the beginning, since enemies not really have notable difficulties to dealt with. Once you get mercenaries Lv. 60 however, more challenges will be available and you will need to re-adjust your team from there.

Bomber and sniper offers the best single hit damage but they tend to move slower and become a sitting duck once enemies starting to spawn on the rear. 

Defenders are good for the drawn off battle, but we need more firepower in the beginning for farming and grinding. so I would recommend only to save them for use later. 

These composition of course when you talking about normal mechs. When you got your hands on custom mechs however, power balance is shifted. Unit attack speed/ fire rates becomes insanely fast, their HP and defense gone up to the roof, the attack power and pilot skill effect being enhanced, and the special attacks are devastating. I'll cover more about custom mechs in my next post. after all, this section might be the reason of most FG player to play this game.

7. Spend ALL of your allocated bounty points of the day.

If you want to have stronger team, more funds, parts, etc. Please always strive to spend ALL of your bounty points. 

If you're very busy or just simply lazy to do 20 bounty mission, press (+) button next to start button just before you start a mission to use more bounty points. maximum modifier multiplication is 10. while you got 20 bounty points per day by default ( you can get more by paying crystals). SO you can do 2 missions only with 10 times rewards multiplications. Who said busy people will get left behind? lol.

I think that's all the tips I can get to remember so far. I will add to this post further once I found out more. 


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