I am back? I'm BACK!

 Hiya guys!

After a while, I'm back! Phew got to admit, 2020 and 2021 are two years of extreme craziness. My real life job got very busy, some of my colleague got dropped in the middle, either finding a new job or simply...quit. family matters, stuck on crypto trading (Its true! lol). that thing is waaay harder than any games I've played so far. not to mention it involves real money lol. 

That aside, I had decided to do thing that suits me better. maybe continuing this for fun blog and expand it to youtube for live guide (just don't laugh when you see my face and creepy voice haha). Anyway, although its a lot more quiet now, I am very happy that some of you still visiting this junkyard from time to time. rest assured, your curiosity is greatly appreciated and I will do my best to revive and improved this site.

Without further ado, let me expand my story to many exciting new games I've stumbled across so far. Oh and by the way in case you guys are curious, I will leave the site title as "Line Gundam Wars" for now since the emotional value is just too much. Line Gundam Wars was the first game that make me hyped enough to the point I want to contribute more to the game community by making this blog (site or blog?! make up your mind! ugh...)

anyway that's enough rambling. lets get down to business.



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