Returning for more blog post, however Farewell to Line Gundam Wars

Maybe its obvious now but I am no longer playing Line Gundam Wars. Was retired before but returning during Hello Kitty Gundam Limited Event (who can resist the cuteness and awesomeness of that spin off unit? LOL), but finally decided to drop the game not many weeks later.

Hey don't get me wrong here. I WILL NOT starts to badmouthing Line Gundam Wars. Its still an awesome game. the reason I'm quitting was not because of rage quitting (like I did in my first retirement..bhahaha *just kidding. maybe) its because of real life commitment. I'm a father of two and works in medical facility and you know...things was very hectic those days so I have no time or chance to continue with the farming and grinding. well, enough of life story. I am sure not one of you cares anyway right? I am back available for games now but just cannot revive my willingness to play LGW again.

LGW is a very busy game you know. It has many events and many many things to do. the developer indeed really know how to make their players busy. in a good way, of course. because every in-game events has always been rewarding. You can get mobilization tickets, new units, and even in game currency. So if you are new to LGW and wondering if the game is playable? is it good? I encourage you please do try it. Gacha rate is not all that generous though. but if you managed to save, every few months or so, there is always an event where you can get limited unit after few numbers of multi draw. (they are sometimes even throw a selectable unit ticket as a bonus). so its no longer a game of luck, but the game of hardwork and patience. moreover, If you're a Gundam fan you will find no other Gundam games available on mobile with complexity for strategy and planning other than LGW.  

Anyway, I just want to say thank you. really. I am very grateful that even to this day. even though I did not update this blog for months, there are still someone visiting. I really appreciate that. know that I took this decisions hardheartedly, but life must go on. on future plans, this blog will be much of a short review of random games on random platforms (not really random since I only have PC and my old smartphone so what I can post will cycle between those two lol). 

I am not an expert and maybe LGW has already evolves even further after my leave months ago, but I still have few friends playing. So if you are interested, and have something to ask about LGW but cannot find the answer anywhere, just drop it in the comment and I will try to answer as fast as possible. 

Stay farming guys.


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