Returning Player


Its good to finally back.

My phone was broken due to devilish grinding I did about 2 months ago. And then I've been trying to play using Android Emulator (Bluestack), but ended up having my account inaccessible due to Line Error. That also causing me losing contact with my friends in Line and Whatsapp. I lost my will to live over several weeks....

But when I see this Blog about few days ago and seen visitor keeps on coming in,  I just realised that this game is not being left yet. People are still playing and I have to do something to continue writing for my love and compassion as fellow Gundam fans! (dayum that burn my soul!!! *Red comet OST in the background) 

SO I re-install my old PC, rob...Errr....Borrow OS installation for Windows 10 from my friend and even bought an original activation key for it. When finished, I installed android emulator, this time iI'm using Nox because Bluestack seems to be hating my tiny 4GB RAM. Everything seems alright, but there you go....I somewhat unable to access my original account (sounds silly, but I forgot the email address and password altogether...), however luckily, my alt account is linked with my Facebook and voila...I'm in. 

So here I am, losing my Lv 62 account and have to start over using my LV 31 account. But who cares, somehow I can play again, and thats the most important thing. What pains me is that I've been missing so many events, special mobilization, gift, etc, etc, and being a returning player, there are nothing received as a compensation or comeback rewards. Okay this might sounds like grumbling or ranting but this can also act as a review of what happen when you left the game for quite some times and ended up returning to play again. I remember that the game supposed to have rewards for returning player, but I'm afraid its event based only and not applied permanently.

Well, I think that's it for now. I'm going to refresh my memories in how to play again by reading my own post (LMAO). more post coming out soon. Thanks for your patience.


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