Mobilization Strategy

Greetings, fellow pilots. or collector. strategists. or whatever you wish to call yourself based on your role in LGW.

Today, we will be discussing about mobilization strategy. some sort of magic and myth that you can use to ensure you in getting any limited unit that you wishes for.

To be honest here, there is no such strategy.

Now wait a moment, ladies and gentlemen. Please put those shoes, bricks, or planks down, and save yourself from the trouble in throwing those at me. lol. a little jokes is good for your health, you see 😂Please sit down and let me continue.

In my previous post, I was suggesting that multi draw is preferable over single draw but sometimes its not really the case. SO, I would like to go over the pro and cons of each of the draw, and hoping that everyone can also give their contribution in the comment section, based on personal experience in the mobilization.

So we know that there are basically 2 (two) types of mobilization in LGW. Being the first one is The normal mobilization and the other one is the step up mobilization.

Lets talk about the simpler one first.

1. Step up mobilization

Step up mobilization usually consists up 4 to 5 step of mobilization, starting from single pull, 3x, 6x, and finally 11x pull with the rewards added at every step of the mobilization. Diamond usage is of course, increased at every step. However considering the added bonus and chances, this type of mobilization is a juicy method to get a unit that you like. 

Beginner step up mobilization

1. Step Up mobilization usually featuring certain MS, so its more surefire to get a unit you want.
2. Less diamond used until getting a unit that you like. 
3. Last step usually guaranteed to get the featured unit
3. Added bonus chance, and for some of the step up mobilization, regardless you're already getting the featured unit, a selectable unit ticket is rewarded to enable you get even extra unit to get blueprint for grade up.

Step up mobilization featuring only normal unit. Its rarely - or I must say I never seen Step Up mobilization featuring limited unit.

2. Normal Mobilization

While this is basically your old style of gacha, Normal mobilization also featuring certain benefits and we are going to discuss it for your consideration as to when to do multi, and when to do single pull.

Normal / limited mobilization featuring Neue Ziel (MA)

Lets go over the the pro & cons first.

1. Normal mobilization usually featuring limited unit, whether it is an MS or MA
2. 11 x pull or we call it as multi pulls, will cost you 100 diamond only. with 10 diamond per pulls, thats 1 free draw for you.
3. multi draw will guarantees getting you at least a unit with 3 stars or above.

1. with no guarantee that you will get a 4 stars or limited unit, multi pull can be either heaven or hell - win big, or lose it all.
2. unit pull chance mixed up with another unit as well, so even though the featured unit have increased chance - it is just"increased". Being mixed up with another unit, literally reducing the pull chance and will not guaranteeing you to get the featured unit.

Now, when should you do single pull and when does multi will be more effective?

>> If the banner featuring "Guaranteed chance at "x" multi pull", and if you have enough diamonds for "x" times multi then go multi draw
>> If the banner did not featured the above - do single pull

Mobilization is a game of fate. some people usually got very lucky to get any unit they want with minimum diamond used, but there are more who are not so lucky. I am making this post since I always hate to say goodbye for fellow players who quits the game out of frustration in not getting a unit they want despite of amount of hard earned diamond have been spent. 

Truthfully, I am no longer sure how the developers maintain the game balance these days with the released of the newly limited unit. People are throwing their diamond like crazy to stay on top of the arena, and many whom are complaining of not getting a unit, no diamond left, and then disappear without a trace. Its not like the game will closed with one or two players leaving though, and there are basically no interaction to another in game player so it is unnoticeable how many people are there currently still playing. That aside, its better to take the game in fun way. Collecting and maintaining various units from Gundam Series. Mobilization can be frustrating I take it. yes. But as I said, its a game of chance. unless you're prepared to whaling your way for the win 😊


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