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I have previously covered the topic about unit upgrading here and Beginner tips here

So lets go a little bit in-depth here. To be honest, while Line Gundam Wars consist of doing mission, challenge and PVP content, I would say around 70 - 80 % of your time in game is spent by farming many things. First of all, we are basically not grinding our unit in LGW, because the only thing that need to be grinded is unit level, and its also can be increased using EXP chip. SO in my opinion, grinding is next to none. 

On the other hand, Farming in LGW is a must. However its doesn't mean that we have to work ourselves to the bone if we want a set of team that capable enough to tackle most of the missions.

If you are new to LGW, I would suggest you to identify which you unit are you going to focus on. You will need 5 of them of course. see my Beginner Tips or Team Composition post if you need a reference. If you manage to get your hands on a Mobile Armor (MA) that's good. Add it into your team, however if you don't that's also fine. You can wait for the next event with MA as its rewards. LGW is just a game, cherish your real life too. Just take it easy and play with fun in minds. Trying to rush everything will makes you bored really fast. oh and last, but not least. get yourself a decent Battleship. White Base is pretty much basic and did not getting stronger too much even at max level and grades. I think I'll cover about Battleship on my next post.

select 5 units based on its role, skillset, base stats. and of course appearance. cool looking is a must! (just kidding. that my personal preference. lol)

Raising more than 5 units is too much work as a beginner so I'm not really recommend it (but feel free to try if you're curious). You will eventually need to raise more units, but it can be done later on when you have to tackle Standard mission 180 ++ which is require further strategy instead of brute force only, trying to stay on top of the Battle Tower (I think I found more topics for my next post), or getting on rank 1 - 1k in the arena. Its all end game content so what's the rush?

Anyway. Back to main topic. Farming.

I did mention about not working yourself to the bone when it comes to farming in LGW. but in order to do so, you need to keep you eyes on the ongoing event. LGW, held power up event quite frequently. Lets say every month and last for 3 days for each menu. And sometimes during bigger season (Christmas, New Year, LGW Anniversary, etc) the events are even more complex with extended period lasting from 7 - 10 days. In case you haven't aware yet, to view ongoing event, press small arrow tab on the right side of your in game home interface, and select "notices".

see the Campaign Banner "Power Up Units Festival" 


So this is the good period to do your farming. the first priority is your unit level. Get to at least level 50 fast. Best way to raise your unit quickly is to do daily exp mission On SATURDAY and SUNDAY. What about those 2 days? because on weekend, the bonus rare exp chip is the one that give 30K Exp to ALL unit type. cost efficient rather than farm to get exp chip that give 30K exp only to specific unit type (assault, defensive, disruptive, support, or all-rounder) and 10K for others.

The Red one starting to drop at daily exp mission #3, so its still farmable even you can only utilize lower levelled unit.

Coming next for your grind menu is  Remodelling parts. This is the most tricky one. when advancing from unit version 1 - 4, you will hardly to obtain any obstacle. The item drops are fairly easy, and the required parts is vary from 1 - 5 parts. moreover, stamina cost for early standard mission is only 1 or 2. And then comes version 5 to 6, this annoying thing show up as item requirement...

Simulation data. fellow LGW player usually refer this thing as "disk". don't change the s with another letter please.

This, my friend, is called a simulation data and the required amount is...…*Facepalm. I didn't mention about the blue one  (Simulation Data I) since the required amount is only a few, starting the green one will need 10 - 15 of these to proceed. Simulation Data I is in blue color, Simulation Data II is Green, III is Red, and the most recent one is IV in Purplish color. There is also special type gold colored Simulation Data that only available as completion rewards in the Battle Tower. Each grade of the Simulation Data are consists of Beam Attack & Defense Data and also Physical Attack & Defense Data.

The best way to obtain them is by doing daily mission or just wait until the event of triple drops is started. you can of course farm it on standard mission, but...really?

Are you still with me? 

Coming next from Version 7 - 8 are these things...

The Blue colored parts with small red number on the top left of the icon is our rare farming target

This is when the true headache of farming begins. These days, I can accept my bad luck quite peacefully whenever My Gacha pull is sucks, however spending 100++ stamina in vain by doing repetitive standard mission trying to get my hands on one of these is so awkwardly outrageous. But don't give up just yet. Although its still involving farming, there more fun ways to do the farming instead of latching yourself to do the standard mission over and over again. quite frequently, these item (and higher grade remodelling parts with exception on Simulation Data) are dropped in the event missions. SO It will be better for you to farm in the event mission, instead of normal mission. since doing event mission also rack up event point, and special energy (blue coloured stamina) to do the challenge mission. Have a look into event exchange booth as well, since sometimes these rare remodelling parts also sold in there. 

There you go...still rarely dropped though.

quite expensive, but if you did not manage to obtain it as item drop, this can be a good alternative if you have an extra event points

Satisfied with your unit version or unable to move on into harder farming area? then next to do is upgrading your unit skills. and for that you need....COINS. LOTS of them.

The cost for upgrading unit skills increased every levels. its possible to spending close to 1 million coins per unit to fully upgrade all of its skills.

Maybe this is sounds repetitive but the most efficient way to farm coins is by waiting for coin triple drops events that frequently held along with Battleship power up event. For our reference, I'll put a screenshot the next time the event is done. However if you cannot wait for the event or having extra stamina to burn, coin is dropped in almost every mission battle, so its literally farmable anywhere. However the most stamina efficient ways is still by doing daily coins mission regardless of an event being held or not. Just make sure you have lots of stamina for 30 minutes of non stop run. 

moving on, when a unit reach Remodelling Version 7, it can now equip up to 6 custom parts.

See here for my previous post about Hard Mission where you can obtain the custom parts.

Upgrading a custom parts can be done by sacrificing another custom or standard parts.

Every each level of upgrades the custom parts will grow with additional power up options. the option type is however at random.

You might need to farm and upgrade several custom parts to find desirable additional power up option. The most wanted option is usually EN Recovery. The others can be either HP or additional attack power with a property in accordance to the equipped unit attack type.

Equipping fully upgraded custom part will enhance your unit even further.

My frontliner with stacks of HP Custom Parts

Last line of farming path in LGW is Unit Blueprint farming. But I will discuss it on later post since most of the 4 stars unit blueprint is only obtainable through Mobilization. Some of them is indeed farmable during event mission but currently there is only a handful of them.


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