Mobile Armor (MA)

I think I have covered almost all basic thing and necessities in Line Gundam Wars. In case I'm missing something, please do feel free to drop a comment. your effort will be greatly appreciated.

SO, we are now move on to a system similar to Summon Monster, Eidolon, or Guardian Force (ahem...when did the last time I heard that term.... ) Yes, we are talking about Mobile Armor. 

Durian..err...Mobile Armor Spotted!

Mobile Armor is a massive unit appear in several Gundam series, and most of them - maybe all of them are hostile. But in this game that is not always the case. You can obtain, level it up just like any other mobile suit unit you have, and also upgrade its version and skill  / weaponry.

How to obtain it

Sadly, Mobile Armor (henceforth will be abbreviated as MA), is a Limited Unit. Its not available all the time to be obtained via Normal Mobilization or any Mobilization Ticket. Periodically some of the MA blueprint are obtainable via event mission (e.g. Alvatore, Apsalas II, etc), and the others will be obtainable via Limited Time Mobilization.

Limited Gacha

How does it works?

Upon getting an MA, Setting it up within your team is basically the same, you just need to select MA in the unit set up / selection and choose any MA that you would like to use in Battle. Note that you cannot use MA in Battle Tower.

MA is WILL NOT available right after the battle started, however it will appears after it has been fully charged. 

MA Charges varies from one MA to another. Adzam is the longest MA to charge (10 Charges) and Destroy Gundam is the shortest (4 Charges). MA Charge will be filled up each time your mobile suit / normal unit using their Hyper attack regardless of which unit and sequences. 1 Hyper Attack = 1 Charges, so for example to have Destroy Gundam joining the battle, your normal unit must attacking using hyper attacks for 4 times. You don't have to do anything, the MA will automatically joining the battle after their charges is full and stay with your team for the rest of the current battle. Upon joining the battle and during the starts of enemy wave, MA will unleash its Hyper Attack regardless of its Hyper Attack bar is full or not. During the battle, MA will be attacking normally and also using skill attack, providing that you have unlock it by raising your unit version. 

Benefit in Battle

Honestly spoken, MA is NOT a game changer. So you don't have to be disappointed when you're not manage to get your favorite MA. I did not doubt its usefulness during the battle since an additional unit for our team is always welcomed. Its its not just additional unit, its a HUGE additional unit...That aside, for some of the MA, their normal skill alone already have enough attacking power in par with hyper attacks of a most normal unit. It hurts a lot, but to unleash it will require a countdown and it can be interrupted by flinch or stun status effect. This is the drawback that you must be take caution of.

Upgrading & Leveling

Leveling an MA works the same as your normal unit. You can just put it within your battle team, and even tough your MA did not have a chance to make its appearance during the battle, it will still gaining exp by just by sitting on the bench. Alternatively you could also boosted it using Exp Chip. Its also works the same with Remodeling and skill upgrade. The only difference is in the type of parts required for remodeling. whilst most of them are similar to what you need when remodel a normal unit, in some of the version level MA also requires specific "MA Parts" to proceed. In my opinion, the drop rates are pretty much the same with normal parts on the same rarity grade, but some of them might a bit trickier to get when its only dropped in a story mission. As you might aware, a story mission normally accessible only 3 times per day, unless you are willing to burn diamonds to get more entry.

See the most top left of the required remodel part - as an example of MA Parts i mentioned

Lastly, MA grade (star level) can only be upgraded using the respective unit blueprint. you cannot use Universal Blueprint to raise an MA grade. 


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