Stamina Management

Thunder Break!! err....Stamina Point!

To proceed in most type of mission you will need lots and lots of stamina. Higher difficulties even cost you to 5 - 6 stamina per battle. So how do you exactly stacking up this thing or what do you need to know about it?

Sit tight, prepare your drinks & snack, and here we go...

1. Stamina will re-charge approximately 5 minutes per point. 

This may sounds "oh well, lets just rest and wait for it to recharge", but its not always the case. you'll understand what I mean when you have the urge to grind your units, while you in full spirits to farms remodeling parts, or while your daily quest time limit is still more than enough for you to enter about 5 - 10 times but no more stamina left 😂

2. Within every few levels of user rank, your maximum stamina will increase. 

well, it doesn't mean you need grind-fest to raise your user rank as fast as possible...just play as usual and consider leveling on user rank as a side quest.

3. Wait for stamina to re-charge fully before claiming bonus stamina

We can obtain bonus stamina  through several ways, daily & bonus order, limited order, 1st clear rewards on event mission, Battle tower box rewards, arena rewards, friends gift, and many many more. Why do you need for the stamina fully recharged before claiming the bonuses? well, do you want to waste those precious free stamina? but again its up to you, if you need the stamina right away, just claim up!

4. Gifted / bonus stamina will stay in your gift box up to 6 days before they disappear.  

We can make use of this facility to saving up stamina points, and use it only during an event or when you need to farm something from the daily quest. well, maybe its easier to just claim up and use it later. However look up, if no limited time events (e.g. 3 days of 4x item drop, or only 2 days of 3x gold drop), i think its better to just let your stamina recharging normally and only plays when your stamina fully auto recharged. after all, we're talking about effective usage here.

5. how to stock up stamina?

  • You can get at least 30 points of stamina by completing daily orders
  • completing Battle Tower both in Normal & Hard will net you a range of 50-100 stamina
  • fighting a friend on friendly sparring will net you 10 points of stamina every 10 fights
  •  1st clear rewards + limited order from event battle will net you 100-150 stamina if you complete all the stages from Normal to Hard - THIS IS NOT REPEATABLE
  • Arena box sometimes drop at least 10 stamina per bronze box (you need at least on rank 30K, to get bronze box daily)
  • (To Be Confirmed) every user rank level up, the stamina will be restored in accordance to your maximum stamina points (e.g. your max stamina is 10, and you still have 1 stamina left when leveled up - so your stamina after level up is 11 (10 stamina rewards + 1 remaining stamina))
  • Friend's gift, normally 1 stamina per gift. But on an special event, sometimes you get 2 stamina points (twice the amount).
6. Be friendly - be rewarded

Although direct interaction in game is close to none (besides from smacking each other in arena, and asking for help in the battle tower), having in game friends can be resourceful in term of stamina gathering. You can add in game friend via LINE network, that is why it is important to set up your LINE account before playing. Guest account will be unable to add any friend (sorry).

although you can add as many friend as you want, I would advise only keep a handful ones that really actively playing. its no good to have too many friends because: 1. you can only send 100 stamina per day; and 2. the game currently does not have any notification / sign for an inactive player or someone whom has not been login for quite a while, so why bother sending stamina to them?

In addition, since stamina sending availability is refreshed after 6 hours, it is possible to send a stamina to same person more than once a day if you haven't sent 100 stamina in total.

6. Are you rich?

If you decided to burn your diamonds for stamina, I would suggest that you wait until your maximum stamina is 30 or more. Spending your diamonds only to get stamina on early game is a waste. the amount of diamonds required for recharging stamina will be increased by 1 each time you refresh, until up to 5 diamonds. E.g. first refresh will cost you 1 diamond, next is 2, and so on until you hit 5 diamonds. For the next refresh and forth the cost will stay at that amount (5 diamonds). The reset cost will revert back to 1 diamonds at 22:00 (GMT +7).


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