Game Currency

Well, the title is pretty much sums up what are will be my rambling for today.

Our beloved in game currencies Diamonds and Coins.

See your upper screen home UI. the red one is Diamond, and the yellow round one is coin. and yes, I'm flat broke....😐

Lets talk about coins first. Hmm? why not the diamond you say? lets not get too hype shall we, and starts with the easier one to get 😊

Its not that difficult to get coins in LINE Gundam Wars, the problem is how much you earns after a battle, how can you manage your stamina points for farming, and how urgent do you think your spending will be? Again and again I will say this is just an experience sharing between game players, I will not comment if your coin spending is right or wrong, but here's my way of spending it:

1. Upgrade your Battleship

That lump of metal sitting behind your team can make your team instantly on the losing side if you failed to protected it. No matter how strong your MS / MA are, if your battleship is at low level, there is a chance that an enemy can 1 hit kill it and that's it. you lose. 

2. Upgrade your MS / MA skill level

Maximize the effectiveness of your buff / debuff skill at first, or an attack skill that also have buff / debuff as an added effect. next, upgrade the Hyper Attack Skill, followed by other skill. Always prioritize your main team or unit that you use frequently before upgrading others.

3. Pilot upgrade

There are so many pilots you may choose but restrain yourself for upgrading too many of them. Here's some tips in choosing / raising a pilot for your reference.

4. Shopping

The shop can be your source to almost all of non limited remodel items, pilot, and EXP Chip. Check the item frequently. EXP chip should be prioritized, followed by remodeling item (get an item that you haven't obtain yet, rare, or you have it but not too many), and then you can also purchase a pilot - but never bought one that farmable in the Story Mode.

Okay now you learned in how to spend it, next is how you earned it. you will get coins from literally any battle except for arena & tower battle, however lets listing out some of the good options available.

1. Daily Mission - Coin

While you can tackle this daily quest for 2x per day (more chance will cost you diamonds), it is not advisable to spend too much stamina everyday because there are occasionally an event where you can get double or triple amount of coins from this mission. When the event is on, you can starts burning your stamina point, and event diamonds for more. see here for stamina management tips. Double coins or also called battleship upgrade event generally held every month for 3 days in average. during this event, you will get double amount of coin drops from daily event, and battleship upgrade cost will be reduced in half. The battleship drops from daily mission will also doubled. 

Next is the seasonal event, that can be held time - to - time. one of them is the Upgrade festival event, where the drop rates for remodeling, and also coins will be increased double or triple during certain period of times. We cannot really predict when this event will be held. But it held usually within 2 or 3 months.

2. Buy the coins in shop

see that "+" mark next to your coin UI? by pressing that, you will access coins shop, where you can trade your diamonds for coins. why would you do that anyway? Just in case you hate being having too many diamonds and want to spend it randomly, then this is another choice to make. Don't be too serious please, although its not that great of a way for making coins, its still an option. 😂😂. 

Next, lets talk about Diamond. We can say that this will be your main source of happiness in Gundam Wars and in the same time it can also become your source of saltiness, bitterness, and for some people even become the reason of rage quitting. so lets take care of this delicate currency and spend it in the right time & place.

Lets talk about how to earn in first from the regular to a seasonal, occasional earning.

1. Daily Order

by completing ALL daily order, you will get 3 Diamonds. cheap eh? but this is the most reliable way to earn your diamond. So, no matter how lazy you are you should avoid in not doing the daily mission. it only needs less than 30 minutes anyway. so considering you are not spending it at all, you can do multi mobilization every once a month.

2. Regular Mission, Hard Mission, Story Mission (1st completion only)

Whilst 1st time completion of a Hard & Story mission will net you  up to 3 Diamonds, only some regular mission will have diamond as the 1st time completion reward. If you are a beginner, you could save up your story mission (unless you need to do it anyway to get MA parts or specific Pilot / blueprint), if you did not confident of your hoarder mentality (just like I did) you could just save it up, and not doing the mission unless you're in urge to get a quick diamond.

In addition to this, by completing Hard mission with 3 stars grade regardless of the difficulties, you will get 2 diamonds every 5 hard mission completed perfectly. I am completed this task for approximately more than 20 times and it doesn't disappear yet. I cannot confirmed this as a permanent order but still its a good source of earning diamond while farming your custom parts.

3. Event points exchange booth

You can bought diamonds from almost every Event Points exchange booth. It usually available for 3 bundles (5 diamonds each bundle) with a cost of 100 points each. not too many, but still easy diamond is always welcome.

4. Arena Rewards

Feel free to check arena rewards in the main menu once you select Arena tab from the Game Home UI. Weekly rewards will almost always give you diamonds. not too many though, but you need to at least participate in an arena battles at least few times during the season. make it a habit to fight at least 3 times per day, regardless of winning or losing. we will discuss about arena in future post.

5. Buy it

Seriously, if you have money to spare then by all means, you can purchase Diamond using real money. but then again, its completely your decisions. My opinion? the price for diamond in this game is unbelievably...expensive.  I am not going to spread more sugar here since its already bitter in realization. but to get quick diamond, it is still viable option. lets take for example its the last day of the special Gacha which is guaranteed limited unit on 11 consecutive draw, while you have just a little less than 100 diamond, and have no other means to obtain more. I have been in that position before and I am not regretting my decisions to make the ends meet by purchasing diamond. just ensure that you purchase it legally using the payment method available in game, to avoid the risk of your account being banned. The game ToS have further information regarding this matter.


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