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Veeery sorry for the long delay since the last time I posted something . Been busy with work and real life issue. well, that just an excuses. just ignore me and lets proceed, shall we? 😂

Assigning a good pilot into your unit, is a good addition stats wise, and can make a big difference if you combining correct pilot skill set with a correct unit as well. Please note that Battleship Pilot is by default and unchanged, while MA currently does not have any pilot (I said currently since who know this might be changes in the future. we will never know...)

So, many of you perhaps a fan of Gundam Series as well? I believe some of you may prefer to have a pilot to use their own signature MS. However please note that signature pilot is not always the best pilot for the said MS. Although I am personally thinking that signature pilot is the best (fashion & satisfaction wise), for battle use this is not always the case. Since the most important thing when selecting a pilot for your MS, you need to be aware of is the pilot active skills.  

Example of Pilot Active Skill
As you can see above, pilot active skills will be automatically activated if certain condition is met.
The activation conditions in general is as follows:

1. Skills that active during certain period of battle (e.g. activate immediately when wave starts, few seconds after the battle started, or when the time limit is near)

2. Skill that active when the team has 3 or more unit / pilot of the same series

3. Skill that active when the unit has max level of certain terrains compatibility 

4. Skills that active if the unit inflicted certain negative status to an enemy (i.e. burn, stun, disable movement. etc)

5. Skills that active due to unit default position

6. Skills that active when attacked or under attack while the unit is positioned in certain team formation

7. Skills that active immediately after unit action (hitting an enemy, evading an attack, etc) 

Pilots also have its own stats and these will be added to the assigned MS, which is Melee, Shooting, Accuracy, Evasion, and Awakening. While the rest having the name that already self explanatory, Awakening stats is still under argumentation whether it is increasing unit defense, active skill activation rate, Hyper Skill attack power.

With the reference of the above, obviously some questions that you need to answer before assigning a pilot is:

1. What type of attack your MS will use? was it it Melee or Long range?
2. What is the property of attack your unit generally use / expert on? Beam or Physical?
3. What is the default position of your MS in the team formation?
4. does any of your MS attack have a chance to inflict negative status on the enemy?

Already decide the best pilot for your MS? then lets buff him / her up even more!

Pilot level can be increased using the same method as Battleship. By spending coins....and its getting expensive on higher level. As an alternative, which not exactly the easiest way and cheaper. If the pilot is farmable, then you can use the same pilot to increase pilot level. However, this method is only recommended after your pilot reachs level 10 or higher since cost wise, its a waste to use the same pilot to upgrade lv. 1 pilot to lv. 2 which is only cost around 100 coins. 

Upgrading pilot grade (star) can be done by sacrificing another pilot with the same grade. Select pilot training when you're about rank up your pilot. please note that a pilot must be reaching its level cap before you can upgrade their star rating.  As an alternative of using another pilot as a grade up sacrifice, you can also use Halo (Haro) which generally can be obtained via Event Shop. When increasing unit grade from 1 to 2, 3 to 4, and 5 to 6 pilot will obtain new passive skills. (see the picture above - 3 skill next to pilot active skill on green background is the passive skills).


  1. Thx for sharing this. Just played a few days ago and captivate with the game.

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  3. Question, how do I lv up my pilot grade from 2 stars to 3 stars

    1. hi, sorry for taking so long in replying to your comment. I hope you're still playing. you will need to level up your 2 star pilot into max level (i think its lv 22) and then train him/her using another 2 star pilot or 2 star haro. this also apply to higher star level (eg. you will need to use another 3 star pilot to rank up 3 star ilot into 4 star, and so on)


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