Unit Upgrading

Within Line Gundam Wars, we have several means of upgrading our unit. we will discuss about it below.

1. Increase unit level

Unit Level and total amount of Exp needed for next level

Experience points for leveling up your Mobile Suit (MS) and Mobile Armor (MA) can be obtained by any units directly participating in a battle. The amount of experience reward may vary from mission to mission. but any participating unit will get the same amount of Experience (EXP) points. Destroyed unit will still getting a same amount with the one that survived, but if you managed to get everyone alive, or at least to get 2 stars mission grade, the EXP rewards will be increased up to 1.5 times.

Press the pause icon on the upper right of your screen during battle to look at any requirement for getting a 3 stars score.

Other means of leveling up is by using EXP chip.

Exp Chip available in Tower points exchange booth

Exp Chip sold in normal shop (this item list may vary, since normal shop randomly re-stocked)

This is an expendable item that obtainable through several means. which is:

> Order / Daily Order
> Daily EXP Mission
> Mission / First Clear Rewards
> Normal Shop or Tower & Event points exchange booth

Spending this item is a good idea for you who feels lazy leveling up a unit through mission, or need a unit to getting stronger in shorter time in order to keep up with event mission, PVP, etc. Either way, using EXP Chip is a better choice in leveling up a unit. Since you will save substantial amount of stamina points & your spare time in real life. Some of the EXP Chip are personalized to each of the unit type (offensive, defensive, disrupt, all rounder, or support), and if you are using it on corresponding unit type, the amount exp gained will be increased 3 times from the original EXP value.

2. Remodeling

By Remodeling a unit its version level will increased, adding an additional base status, and more of the unit skills will be unlocked. here's how.

When you have gathered all the required parts, press equip all. either way, you can equip each parts individually providing the required amount has been met.

When reaching certain remodeling level a.k.a. unit version, more skills will be unlocked

unit stats will be increase each time you remodel

As mentioned before, more of the unit skills will be available the more you upgrade them.

New skills will be available, when the unit reaching Version 2, 4, 7, & 9. but you can keep on upgrading the version level to increase unit stats (currently maximum upgrade level is up to ver. 14)

Remodeling a unit requires various items obtainable via Normal or Daily Mission, Story Mode, and sometimes purchasable in the normal or event shop. If you need an information as to where to get the required item, just press the item icon and select "hint" .

The number on upper left parts of the icon is the rarity level. Black colored number is a common drops, silver is uncommon,  gold is rare, and red colored is a very rare. Bigger numbered items will be available on later stage.

3. Custom Parts

Unit may equip Custom Parts after it reaches Version Level 7 via Remodeling and each unit may equip up to 6 Parts at once.

Custom Parts obtainable via Hard Mission which is unlocked after you cleared normal mission 100.

Each of the mission have 3 levels of difficulties. Better custom parts will be obtainable via harder difficulties, and battle results will definitely improve the drop rates and possibility of bonus drops.

Each of the custom parts is upgradable up to 10 levels. We can increased its level by sacrificing other custom parts or remodeling parts. it is advisable to learn about the unit role, skills, and type of attack before equipping the custom parts. Equipping 6 of the same type custom parts is preferable to get an optimal amount of enhanced status (in my personal opinion), but again its up to you to decide your own unit setting and status enhancement.

4. Increase Unit Rating

We can also call this upgrading the star level. This is actually the most difficult part. We can increase unit rating via collecting the corresponding unit's blueprint up to 6 stars rating. The required amount increased by 10 for every upgrade level. e.g.1 Star to 2 stars requires 10 unit blueprint, 2 to 3 requires 20, 3 to 4 requires 30, 4 to 5 requires 40, and finally you will need 50 blueprints to upgrade from 5 to 6 stars.

When you obtain a duplicate unit from either tickets or any mobilization mode,  it will be automatically converted into 10 blueprints. Some of the unit blueprints are farmable in specific stage of story mode or event mission, purchasable in the event shop, or with very low rates also obtainable via normal mobilization.

There is also available an item called Universal Blueprints, that can be converted into any Mobile Suits Blueprint.

Universal Blueprint sold in event points exchange booth

However we cannot convert universal blueprint for unobtained unit, and it cannot convertible into Battleship or Mobile Armor Blueprint. Universal Blueprint is very rarely available.  It is sometimes purchasable in the event shop, order rewards, daily login rewards (obtainable as a day 7 login rewards), can be purchased using arena points (re-stock in the next 7 days when you bought 1), event rewards, etc. Although seems to be available in many place, normally we can only get 1 of them every once in a very while so it is advisable to use it on a limited unit, that only available in certain period and no longer available via mobilization or anywhere else (e.g Nu Gundam DFF, Barbatos Rex, V2 Gundam Assault Buster, Zeta Gundam (Biosensor), and many more).


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