Team Composition

Before discussing about team composition, please note that this article will not mention which unit is the "strongest" or the "best" because each unit has its own roles which is sometimes good with certain combination and mission, but not doing so well on others. This is influenced by enemy unit combination and their targeting nature.

So we have mentioned in the earlier post that each unit have default position either in front or the rear. This is as an early reference about what kind of unit composition you have in mind. In my opinion, an acceptable basic team setup consists of 2 Frontliners, and 3 Backliners, of course its depend on what units available in your inventory, this can be changed into the opposite, 3 Frontliners and 2 Backliners.

3 Frontliners, 2 backliners. See upper right side of unit icon at the bottom of your game screen. Blue arrow means that unit default position is rear, and red arrow is front.

In some occasion you can also choose to have further extreme combination such as 1 Frontliner and 4 Backliner, and the opposite or even the all-in-one position combination. please note that the more unit being assigned in 1 position, area attack that cause flinch or negative status will affect more of your units. The longer you got staggered by flinch or negative status, you risked yourself losing the battle.

To make your team even more effective, unit combination is very important. you may also consider to use suitable Battleship to support your party.  Although there are many combination available, as a basic understanding lets narrow it down into 2 basic combination based on damage type. You guess it, we can make Beam Attack or Physical Attack Party. Both type is actually available early game, considering to the fact that beginner have 1 free 4 stars unit, 3 x 4 Stars selectable unit ticket from daily login, and even more  possibility of 4 stars unit if you complete the beginner step up mobilization.

based on what unit you get from mobilization, you can adjust your party composition with the selectable unit tickets. To know about unit attack type, you can simply visit unit skills tab, and view each of the unit skills description, E.g. if beam attack is dominant property of the unit's skills, then its a beam type. Beam attack team may use Archangel (Battleship skill: Beam Attack up) or Nier Argama (Battleship skill: Enemy beam defense down) as active battleship, meanwhile Physical Attack team may utilize Audhulma (Physical Attack Up).


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