So, what kind of activity did you do in Gundam Wars?

The game is mainly based on mission run and PVP (Player Vs Player). I'll prefer to talk about PVP a bit later since in my opinion this is kind of like end game content and me lyself did not do much in the Arena anyway. So I don't think I am in position to give advice about it. yet. On the other hand, there are several type of missions you could choose, each with its own unique situation and also purposes. 

Normal Mission

Lets start with the very basic mission that accessible after you finishes the tutorial mission and have free access with the game control. Normal mission is...well, self explanatory.  its pretty much a normal thing...(just kidding 😋). Normal mission is one of the reliable source to obtain Remodel Parts, Additional Diamond (First Clear mission ONLY), easy to play but later you will need to utilize better strategy to clear it. As I said in my previous posts, while it seems to be simple, this game also offer an option for stage clearing using strategy rather than depending on muscle...err, big gun alone. Normal mission consist of 3 types of stages, a branch, mini-boss, and boss stage. 

Branch stage is the easiest type of the three (I said easiest of the three - not "easy" in general, because in the later stage this can get annoying too!). The enemies is mainly only Mobile Suit type, however these stage is non-repeatable and not giving you a diamond as first clear rewards. 

Mini-Boss Stage is straight forward more challenging than normal mission. The enemy encountered in these stages can be stronger version of Mobile Suits and 4 starred grade mobile suit as the stage boss. The first clear of these type of stages scores you 3 rubies, and the stage is repeatable for parts farming. Some of these stages also required to unlock some of the game modes.

Boss Stage will awards you with 5 diamonds for the first clear. You will re-visit most of these stages since many of the rare remodeling parts dropped within these stage. Boss Stages are very much noticeable since it will be marked with the stage boss icon, which is either Mobile Armor or Battleship from various Gundam Series.

Small dots are branch missions, Area illustrated icon in a big circle is a mini-boss stages, while the are with big circled area with boss icon (it can be MA or BS) is a boss stage. 

Story Mission

If you are one of the fans of Gundam Series, you will like this mission mode ( I did too!). This mission mode are based on storyline events from various Gundam series with story explanation of what happened during that era / event encounter. Although the most of the storyline is not yet implemented, its fun to breeze through this mission with lots of nostalgic storytelling and for loot gathering purposes, of course.

First clear of any story mission will awards you diamonds. Every stage within this mission mode is repeatable. You can farm Remodel Item as well as some of the pilot of the respective storyline. This mission mode is also the place to farm mobile suit & Battleship Blueprints, although in normal circumstances you can only enter each stage for about 3 times a day (during an event, this chance can be increased into 4 or 5 times a day). If you need to refresh the entry count, you can do it by paying using diamonds (which is I am not sure, why would  we do that anyway?).

Daily Mission

There are for modes of Daily Missions, Exp Mission, Coin hunt, Beam parts gathering, and Physical parts gathering. Each of the mission category name is already holds enough explanation on each own. In short, these mission is practically one purposed mission to spend as much as stamina you can within a limited time. 

Did I say limited time? Yep, you heard that right. Daily mission normally accessible only TWO times a day.  Once a mission is opened, it will stay open for 30 MINUTES. Each day, you will be given 2 keys, to enter  any of the daily mission stage. The keys are non stackable (if you are not using any of the key in the same day, the next day it won't stacked and the amount of key you have will still 2). These keys are to be used to enter any of the daily mission stages of your choice. After you used your key but still wants to do more daily mission, you can pay some diamonds in exchange of using key (again, I am not sure it is worth it to do this). 

The most optimal way to do this is mission by saving up stamina (by not claiming gifted stamina in the gift box / order rewards) and spam use it after you unlock a stage. It is also a good idea to this stage everyday even though there are no events, and only spam stamina when an event is in place (double item drop, double coin rewards, etc). 

Event Mission

This is a limited availability mission available only within certain period of time. All of the event stages are repeatable as long as within the event period. Although some of the events have background story of the specific events in Gundam Series (e.g. Char Counter Attack (Char Counter attack U.C. 0093) , Battle of Guyana Plains (Mobile Fighter G Gundam), etc) there are no story background explanation as you may seen in Story Mission Mode. This type of event mission usually based on 3 parts of difficulty levels. Normal, Hard, and Challenge mode. While Normal & Hard level is basically the same with common mission mode (fighting wave after waves of enemies), challenge mission is a fight against Stage Boss / Bosses, with an energy you gain from fighting by achieving full stars in Normal & Hard Mode (Blue energy icon). Challenge Mission does not have to be cleared in one go. The stage boss Hit points will stay the same as you left it the last time (if you lose due to out of time, or annihilated), and will only recovered to 100% when you have destroyed it. Its basically raid battle, but you are the only one pounding the boss to death.  

By clearing this type of event mission, you will get an event points (EP) that can be used to purchase various items in the EP Exchange Booth which is accessible from the event mission stage selection interface.

Another type of event mission is Joint Mission, whereas the total numbers of enemies defeated by every player in the event mission will be compiled together by the systems. Joint rewards will be sent to ALL Players, as long as the targeted amount of enemies defeated has been reached. individual rewards is also available, depending on how many enemies you personally defeat during the event lifetime. 

Hard Mission

See this section as the explanation for this mission mode may be better if being lump together with Remodeling explanation. 


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