Beginner Tips

This guide is not absolutely or must be done during your early play through but I am sure this can be your reference when first starting out. 

1. Follow Sayla's guide thoroughly 

You may be a gaming expert, but Sayla's is your guidance star during your early gameplay. Its your choice entirely if you decided to skip her and play on any way you want to. But believe me, following her step by step guidance will score you more and make your early games easier. 

Think about those extra exp chips, Coins, Diamonds, and Arena Points, its an easy catch. So take your time, and follow her chain of quests while familiarize yourself with the game.

2. Do not blindly proceed with Mobilization

Diamonds is a very - precious - currency in Gundam Wars. Sometimes it may sounds good to chase more power, especially during early games where you may pushed constantly into the corner during mission or in the arena, however as easy it might seems, throwing every Diamond you have for mobilization is NOT always the best solution. Well, you may obtain a higher grade unit, or even special limited unit which is most of them undoubtedly strong and will be a great asset for your team, but Mobilization is solely based on luck. Its literally gambling. An uncertain method that caused more despair than happiness (happens to me all the time lol). It is a better idea to save your Diamonds for a special event that Guaranteed the unit from Mobilization. The easiest example for this type of mobilization is a "Beginner Step Up Mobilization" that have higher chance to obtain 4 stars unit, and even guaranteed Nu Gundam on the 3rd step and 2 (TWO) 4 Stars units on the 4th step. 

Yea yea.... veterans may said the units available in the beginner mobilization may not as strong as most of the unit in a later game, but still it is Guaranteed to get, and for beginner, a sure hit to get 4 stars unit is supposed to be a blessing. Believe me, I have seen many whom rage quitting over the game out of frustration from mobilization, despite the facts that some of those whom quitting are actually have enough unit to kick The Axis all the way back to space....

Lights of hope....well, its possibly salt too..
Last note, if you think that mobilizing by using 10 diamond is safe choice, NOT. most of the time its a waste of diamonds, and you better of save it until you have 100 of them and do a 11-consecutive draws (thats 1 bonus draw for you).

3. Carefully choose your starter 4 stars unit

Honestly spoken (trust me. I'm really honest on this 😂), Gundam Wars is quite friendly for beginner. As a beginner, you will be provided enough Diamonds for starter, Beginner Step Up Mobilization, and 3 additional 4 Star unit selectable ticket over 7 days of login. The question is, how did you properly use it? 

here's how:

  • Make sure if you have enough 4 stars frontliners. In this case, you need at least 2 of them. 
  • If you already have at least 2 of a 4 stars frontliners and one of your 4 stars unit have a dupe (which is automatically converted into 10 blueprints), select the same unit from your ticket, and upgrade that unit into 5 stars
  • If you have 2 of a 4 stars frontliners, but none of your 4 stars unit have a dupe, then choose a same unit from all of your tickets. (e.g. if you choose Strike Freedom from one of your selectable ticket, then chose SF for the remaining 2)
The concept on this is a quality over quantity. Why bother having too many units in the beginning, while you don't have a team that strong enough for tackling mission or farming parts? Better focus on a small, yet elite team to do the job. However, if you have your favorite Gundam within the choosable list, then by all means. grab it! afterall, we play this game for the fun 😏

4. Check the store regularly

The Shop feature will be unlocked after you have cleared normal mission #17. Item list will be refreshed every few hours. If you cannot wait, the shop can be refreshed at anytime by spending diamonds.....but don't do that please.

No matter how you spend your coins for upgrades, please do keep it at least 30k - 50k in your pocket. Although relatively unreliable and random, there are sometimes rare pilots, remodeling parts, and Red Exp Chip being sold in the regular shop. Check often!

5. Mind the upgrades

Leveling up your unit alone is not enough. There are many ways to get stronger and unit upgrades is a must check here for more tips.

6. Join Line and add as many friends as possible

Play using guest account may seems convenient. You don't have to register, you can quickly play the game, there will be a mysterious aura about you, bla, bla, bla but without Line ID you cannot add any in game friends. 

What make it so important, you asks? having in game friends means additional stamina supplies to do more missions. stamina regeneration in Gundam Wars is actually quite fast (about 5 to 6 minutes for 1 point of stamina), but we need to accumulate as many as we can for a time limited mission such as daily mission. Please note that this is also means a mutual benefit. Don't add friends just to have stamina gifted to you. DO remember to send them also at least once a day. You may send a stamina up to 100 times a day, and for each friend there is a 6 hours cooldown time. Don't worry though, your stamina and coin does not decrease when you sending stamina to a friend. In facts, you got 100 coin for every stamina you sent. Unclaimed stamina will remained in the gift box until up to 5 days. but the attached 100 coin will only last up to 1 hour. 

There is also a one time bonus for the first 20 invitations you sent to your Line friends, you will get a bonus of diamonds, and Bearguy III Blueprints (I refuse to call it Beagai...its seems wrong in so many ways...)

No LINE Friends...Bo hoo....


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