Hello and Welcome to this Line Gundam Wars unofficial Blog 😊

The game is one of the rare Gundam-theme game available on mobile with official English Patch.

Line Gundam Wars is Licensed by Bandai Namco, and published by Line Corporation. Originally released around June 2016 however the English Patch only recently released on December 2017 officially for Singapore, Indonesia, & Malaysia. If you are not in the mentioned region,  rest assured we noted that some other means to download the game is available. Here's the Official Page of Line Gundam Wars.

The gameplay is based on collecting, upgrading, and pit your favorite mobile suit for battle in the campaign mission or against fellow player in the PVP Arena. In addition, in most of the battle, you will also have a battleship supporting your team, to which you will also need to protect whenever possible. With the recent updates, Mobile Armor (MA) were also introduced. Although seems to be simple, the battle is actually pretty complex and good strategy is required to ensure victory for your team.

This blog is built by a pack of newbies whom just joining the game recently when the English Patch come out around December 2017. So you would expect a step by step report, our trial and error, tips and tricks (viable even for newbies), bunch of rantings, salt and more salts (just kidding), and many more! expect more content to be posted within the coming days. 

Anyway, glad that you show interest in Line Gundam Wars. And we welcome you to our family of Gundam-Lovers. 



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