Starting Up

Lets start by downloading the game :

Install the App / APK and starts the game, during your first try, you will be prompt to install partial or full data file. 

If you were resides outside of official published area, I would suggest you to download partial data and then login as guest just for a trial. If you can login properly, without any error notice, Logout and follow the next step.

When you're ready, Install LINE App and register an account if you never use LINE before.

The reason that why LINE Account is necessary is:

1. You cannot add in-game friends if you are using guest account (why is this important? I'll explain it later)
2. In a worst case of app error and you have to re-install app, phone broken / lost, etc. your account will be retained within your LINE account. 


By switching guest account into LINE account, your guest account progress data will be gone and wiped clean. You will be on fresh start again using your LINE account.

When you're ready, start the game and download the full data. Make sure you have enough space within your phone internal storage for the full game file. you can ignore this advice if you were playing using emulator 😂


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