Battle Mechanics

You will be able to utilize 5 Mobile Suit (MS) units for your team, A battleship, and Mobile Armor (MA)

Your unit will be moving from left to right side, and the hostile unit wave(s) will be storming from the right side towards your team. The fights will proceed automatically, but activation of Hyper Moves and unit re-positioning can be done manually in real time.

By moving this slider up and down, you can control your selected unit position (front/rear). the unit default attack will change in accordance with their battle position. e.g. while in front position Gundam RX78 will attack using a beam saber, and firing a beam rifle when moved to rear.

Note that every Mobile Suit unit has their own default position but you may freely changes their position manually during the battle unless your unit has already destroyed (obviously...duh) or its being affected by some negative statuses. positioning a unit based on situation is important whether to utilize certain skill that only effective when the unit is positioned in the front/rear, or to save it from being targeted by the enemies.

 A Unit with "Rear" as default position

A Unit with "Front" as default position

Every unit (MS, BS, MA) have their own unique skill set and Hyper Moves.

Red colored Skill is usable when a unit is positioned in the front row

Blue Colored skill will be available when a unit positioned in the rear

While the common skill set will be available during the beginning of each wave(s), with a set of cooldown time, it will be recasted again by the unit after a set of time. This skills however cannot be activated manually and only depending on AI. The cooldown time and the remaining buff / debuff effect will be automatically reset after the current wave is ended.

Hyper Moves is usable when the power bar below the Armor /HP Bar is full and can re-usable each time the power bar  is completely filled again.

Gold Colored Skill is a Hyper Moves. Some of the unit have more than just 1 Hyper moves which is obtainable through several means.

Power Bar

Power bar is filled each time the unit attacking an enemy or receiving an attack, and its not reset between waves.


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