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Lets talk about Passive Income

Many of you might heard it before. Passive Income. this term has been in my ears ever since I was a kid. 30 years ago. what? surprised that I'm THAT old? ROTFL belive me. I'm older than 30. My face looks younger than supposed to be tho. hahaha Okay enough with the narcism (who's starting the topic anyway...?). Basically, what we have been told about Passive Income was something like when you throw away...err...lets change that.....ah I know,  You "deposit" a sum of your money, we called it capital. and then it grows by itself. without you touch it. and its suddenly grow. and then you rich! (yea...right) the term has been used by many of my parent's colleagues even some of mine whom joining MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or even the notorious Ponzi scheme to gain follower. lure you in with sweet words, Promised you a bright future, and then poof!, your money gone. or at the best case, it returns after awhile with not even close result to what you have been expecti

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