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Mobilization Strategy

Greetings, fellow pilots. or collector. strategists. or whatever you wish to call yourself based on your role in LGW.
Today, we will be discussing about mobilization strategy. some sort of magic and myth that you can use to ensure you in getting any limited unit that you wishes for.
To be honest here, there is no such strategy.
Now wait a moment, ladies and gentlemen. Please put those shoes, bricks, or planks down, and save yourself from the trouble in throwing those at me. lol. a little jokes is good for your health, you see 😂Please sit down and let me continue.
In my previous post, I was suggesting that multi draw is preferable over single draw but sometimes its not really the case. SO, I would like to go over the pro and cons of each of the draw, and hoping that everyone can also give their contribution in the comment section, based on personal experience in the mobilization.
So we know that there are basically 2 (two) types of mobilization in LGW. Being the first one is The norm…

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